70-inch Redmi TV launched for just Rs 38,000

Xiaomi also launched a 70-inch 4K TV alongside the Note 8 series in China. The TV is priced at 3799 yuan, which roughly equates to Rs 38,000. While very likely, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi if the TV will make it to India, but considering the large market the company has in the country, it probably will.

The company claims the new screen is 60 per cent larger than a 55-inch TV. Apart from the 4K HDR screen and Dolby Audio, the TV sports 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Amlogic SoC, and even dual-band WiFi. The TV will alswo have PathWall for content, similar to Mi TVs. The TV has ver slim bezels and a ‘Redmi’ logo can be spotted on the chin. The Redmi TV has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, and can use phone scan codes for projecting content faster.

While the product is not yet confirmed for a launch in India, it is highly likely considering how big of a market the Chinese company has in the country. The timing of the launch will be crucial considering the Redmi TV is the cheapest 70-inch screen available for the public.