Ace Director SS Rajamouli Appreciates Team Mem Famous

Mem Famous, the second joint production of Chai Bisket Films and Lahari Films, is running successfully. The movie efficaciously completed its first weekend and grossed Rs 3.1 Cr worldwide.

Ace director SS Rajamouli whose last movie RRR won the Oscar Award watched Mem Famous in the theatre and he appreciated the entire team. He opined that actor-director Sumanth Prabhas will have a bright future. He also praised all the other actors, especially Anji mama.

“After a long time thoroughly enjoyed a film in the theatre. Watch out for this guy Sumanth. He has a bright future both as an actor and director. All the characters were nicely etched and actors performed naturally. Especially Anji mama. Highly recommend it to everyone. Youth ni encourage cheyyale. Dham dham cheyyoddhu. #MemFamous .” reads Rajamouli’s tweet.

Rajamouli’s positive feedback will be a big boon for the movie at the box office.