After reverse tendering, Jagan introduces reverse salaries

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy became famous and infamous for a lot of things after he became the CM of AP in 2019. He came to be known as the ‘reverse tendering’ CM of the country, having introduced reverse tendering in the state, to stop corruption. While the corruption rate hasn’t gone down much in AP, reverse tendering is still very much popular in AP.

Now, the CM seems to have introduced reverse salaries, with the GOs that he released on Monday night. Jagan has allotted 23% fitment to the employees of the state government, after their relentless demands. He has allotted more than the suggested per cent, which was 14%, but to the dismay of employees, he has cut the HRA (house rent allowance) sharply. As a result, the fitment is now 14% itself, but with a lesser payment to the employees.

A steep cut in the HRA has resulted in the employees now drawing lesser salaries than they used to, as the employees were receiving their salaries with a 27% fitment until now, and would be receiving their salaries with just 14% from now on. Given that this is going to badly affect the government employees of the state, it is now to be seen what will happen.