Allu Aravind Enters Scene: Guild Scrapped?

In a crucial development, Mega producer Allu Aravind has entered the scene to resolve the deadlock in Telugu film producers council. The Telugu film producers council has become defunct with the rise of alternative bodies. A group of 50-odd producers have formed a parallel producers council called as Active Telugu Film Producers Guild initiated by the likes of Dil Raju, BVSN Prasad, Tagore Madhu, Supriya, Damodar Prasad and etc.

The Guild’s restriction on media spend of producers and allocating budgets to only a section of media and imposing ‘unofficial’ ban on the rest have drawn a huge criticism. The Guild’s controversial decision includes the ban on advertisements on radio channels which invited flak and resistance from other section of producers. Even the Associated Producers of Telugu LLP (popularly called as LLP) has lost its sheen of late.

This confusion between Guild and Film Chamber has affected the promotions of films and their openings largely. In this backdrop, Allu Aravind has decided to revamp the whole council and decided not to have separate, alternative bodies to producers council. It is learnt that Producers Council will again become active and plans are afoot.

Aravind, Chiru and many others want the Producers Council to become active so that LLP and Guild would get dissolved. The Guild and LLP’s functions would be reconciled and based on this, the Producers Council is likely to frame new guidelines. It is heard that Chiru has directed Aravind to enter the scene and revamp the Council issues. Recently, the infighting in Movie Artistes Association (MAA) has also irked Chiru and he has asked the both parties to maintain restrain.