Another B-Town Couple Heading towards Divorce?

Actor Imran Khan and wife Avantika Malik are not seen much in public nowadays. Also, there have been rumours that the couple are not in good terms nowadays. Couple of days ago, Avantika shared a cryptic post on her official Instagram account and it hinted that something in wrong in between them. Soon after she shared it with a quote, it looked like she is declaring that she is walking away from her husband Imran and it was official.

Avantika’s mother rubbished the rumours and said everything is fine in between the couple. Soon after the post went viral, Avanthika deleted it and pretended as if nothing happened.

She wrote, ‘Needed to see this today.’ ‘Sometimes, you have to walk away. You have to look at the things you’re giving energy to and realize that even though you could stay, and try to win their approval or try to make it up their ladder, you could also make the brave choice to take whatever energy you have left to a space that welcomes you.’ (sic)

This quote ended with a significant line: “You may still need to walk away, trusting there is so much more ahead of you.”

It is common that every now and then some or the other couple announces their separation. So no wonder even if this couple throws a bomb at the media anytime.