Are you a victim of sextortion, Check here!

Sextortion refers to people being asked for ransom money in exchange for not releasing their website history, usually their pornographic histories out in the open. These could include anything from browser histories to webcam recordings.

Cofense, a phishing defense specialist has announced that over 200 million email accounts are being targeted for sextortion in a major scam. The website has even uploaded the entire database of email IDs. You can check if your E-Mail IDs are hit on the website, by clicking here.

Sextortion attacks have been on the rise. The company has also revealed that over 7 million email IDs were targeted in the first half of 2019 alone. The extorters have gained about USD 1.5 million in payment from the targeted people by making them pay into their Bitcoin wallets.

If your email was found positive in this database, you will soon receive a sextortion mail that is likely to be laced with malware. Avoid clicking on links in the mail. The mails will likely have your email and password listed. The company’s advice is to not panic and not pay.