Baba Ramdev’s Controversial Comments On Women’s Clothing!

Women are proving to the world that they are not less than men in any field. From leading big companies to serve as the leaders of the state women are showing their capabilities. Even in sports women are representing the countries and earning medals. Despite all this, we are often reminded that we are living in men dominant society.

Sadly, politicians pass misogynistic comments against women. If people holding big positions cannot respect women we cannot expect common people to respect women and respect them. Yet again popular person made objectionable comments about women.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev held a yoga program in Maharashtra’s Thane. People attended the event in big numbers and legislators like MP was also present. Addressing the gathering the Patanjali chief made some objectionable comments.

Talking about women’s clothing Baba Ramdev passed some controversial comments. Baba said women look good in sarees and salwar suits, but they look beautiful even without wearing anything in his eyes. His eyes raised many eyeballs.

“women look good in sarees, they look good in salwar suits, in my eyes they look good even if they don’t wear anything,” Baba Ramdev said at the event. His comments sent shocking waves not only in the state but across the nation.

From politicians to activities everyone is lashing out at Baba Ramdev for his comments on women. On top of this, he made these comments when the likes of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amrita Fadnavis, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s son, and MP Shrikant Shinde were also present on the stage.

The event was held in Thane. Besides Science Camp, a Women’s meeting was also held. While interacting with the women Baba Ramdev made these comments.

Shockingly, Baba Ramdev’s comments came days after Shiv Sena Minister Abdul Sattar made controversial comments on Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and Lok Sabha MP Supriya Sule. After she accused Shiv Sena leaders of taking money to shift their loyalties Abdul Sattar made objectionable comments.

His comments gave birth to widespread protests in Maharashtra. After Chief Minister Eknath Shinde stepped in Abdul Sattar issued an apology and said that he is feeling bad for the comments.