Bajrang Dal plans attack on Jagan’s house in Hyderabad on TTD issue

Ever since it was announced that the TTD was planning to remove the practice of declaration, wherein people belonging to other religion had to sign the declaration, a huge outrage among devotees has been observed all over India. Following this, it was also announced that the declaration would stay in place, but that didn’t cool anyone down, and the situation continues to get worse.

It has now been known that the Bajrang Dal has called for protesting in front of Jagan’s house in Hyderabad, by surrounding it, with respect to the TTD issue, and the widespread belief that the Jagan’s government is responsible for the continued atrocities against Hindus in AP, and the continued attacks against Hindu temples.

Having learnt about this, the Police Department is said to have employed 300 personnel around Jagan’s house, to provide him with protection. This is in light of the fact that Hyderabad still continues to be the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as per the stipulated 10 year common capital clause, during the separation of AP and Telangana. Barricades have been put up around Jagan’s house in Hyderabad, upto 200 meters from his residence, to protect him from the planned Bajrang Dal protest.

The TTD declaration issue has become highly controversial after news started spreading that Jagan wouldn’t be signing the declaration while visiting the temple to offer Lord Venkateswara Swamy with Pattu clothes. Protests continue to go in Tirupati, where several people have protested in front of the TTD head office.

These people have been house arrested by authorities, following their protests. Members of the BJP and TDP continue to protest all over Andhra Pradesh over this controversial matter, stating that the current government is highly disrespecting the belief system of the Hindus, by taking things into their hands.