Big Rumour: Kaushal To Host Bigg Boss 3

One of the most successful TV reality shows across the world is Bigg Boss and the second season of the Telugu version of this show was also a stupendous hit. And here comes the rumor about Bigg Boss 3 now.

A couple of days back, a rumor has emerged that senior hero Venkatesh will be hosting the third season of this reality show. With the hosting taking mental toll on the celebrity hosts, actually, both Jr NTR and Nani are heard to have pledged to stay away from Bigg Boss hosting. That is the reason many thought Venky is into the scene now. But the senior hero rubbished this as a rumor and confirmed that he’s not hosting Bigg Boss.

Cut to the latest rumor, we hear that Bigg Boss team is keen to approach former contestant and also the trophy winner Kaushal Manda to host the show. If that happens, surely it will be a record of sorts to get a contestant host the next season of the show.

But the big question is, with Kaushal not being such a friendly person, can he really host the show with energy, vibe, and emotion?