#BigBoss S03 E02: Here Starts The Batting Of Boss

Many contestants often say that they have come to Big Boss house to spend good time with others and learn new things. But the concept of the program is pitting one against the other and testing the mental breaking point of each contestant. And for the third edition, one such thing started already.

Though every contestant felt that they will have a happy first week until Nagarjuna arrives the next week, Big Boss has started his batting already. Firstly they got the housemates to nominate six of them through V6 Savitri (Siva Jyothy) and Dubsmash Ashu Reddy for elimination As the likes of Jaffer, Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh, Vithika, Sreemukhi, and Rahul Sipliganj got nominated, the house already split into groups.

Cut to the evening, the guys in elimination zone are made to elect a mentor to them, who could save them from the nomination. After Hema got elected by these six persons in nomination, it is revealed that Hema will now trade each of them with the other persons inside the house. Hema is literally worried that her image might go for a toss and she will make enemies if she now starts to replace these nominees with others.

That is what Big Boss is all about and Hema’s gameplay will be the start of splitting the house, creating the rifts and pitting the contestants against each other. That’s #BigBoss3 for you!!