Bigg boss 4 Telugu: All members grieved reminiscing their past!

In yesterday’s 40th episode of Big Boss Telugu 4 some dramatic scenes occurred when family photos of each member were displayed and asked to share their feelings. Housemates one after the other, said things about their family while becoming emotional. Many contestants disclosed about their domestic problems. Ariana, Harika .. Amma Rajasekhar, Noel etc. All of them grieved reminiscing their past.

Ariana reveled her real name as Archana. “Mom and Dad broke up when I was young. At that time mom raised us with great struggles”, said Ariana. She added saying there have been instances where she worked for events for as low as 500 rupees.

Noel said his mother worked at home even for a mere hundred rupees. “Dad would do whatever work he could find. We had a lot of trouble. When I became an actor my dad was very elated and cried”, he said.

Harika, although easy going in nature left every one in tears when she spoke out about the separation of her mother and father. The viewers also connected to her and burst into tears. Lasya also cried as she told about her struggle with marriage when her father disagreed to their love. All in all yesterday’s episode went through a lot of emotional ride.

Earlier, luxury budget shopping was done by Kumar Sai and Mehboob who relished with mango juice in the swimming pool. After that everyone drank and danced to a peppy song.