Bigg Boss Telugu OTT, May 20, highlights: Bindu Madhavi getting emotional to finalists enjoying a dinner; major events at a glance

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Non-Stop ahead of the finale, Bindu Madhavi broke into tears as Bigg Boss hailed her journey. She felt overwhelmed after watching her BB journey. Bindu said she treats her BB journey as her ‘biggest guru’ in life. She thanked Bigg Boss for showing her strength in her weaknesses and apologised for her mistakes.
Bindu shared her excitement with Shiva, Anil, Akhil, and others.

The finalists enjoyed a sumptuous dinner arranged in the garden area. They raised a toast for each other. Akhil spoke about his first friends in the house Ajay, Tejaswi, Sravanthi, Mumait Khan, and others. He then spoke about bonding with every finalist. Baba Bhaskar never missed a chance to pull Ariyana’s leg. She spoke about her strong connection with Baba Bhaskar and added that this season made her only stronger.
Anil said he doesn’t bond with many people but found a brother in Shiva and mother in Hamida.
Baba said he was a little skeptical about joining BB Non-Stop in the eighth week. He thanked the housemates for accepting him in a short span of time. He spoke about bonding with Nataraj, Akhil, Shiva and Ariyana in the house. Baba said he didn’t feel a connection with Mithraw Sharma whatsoever.
Shiva spoke his heart out about bonding with Bindu, Akhil, Ajay, and Ariyana since day one.
Bindu called Shiva her biggest strength in the house and her journey in the house wouldn’t have been eventful without him. Bindu also talked about her equation with Baba Bhaskar. She termed her equation with Akhil as a ‘Love-Hate’ relationship.
Mithraw was all praises for her co-finalists and their game.
The finalists then danced their hearts out to some peppy music.