Bigg Boss’s Ali Reza Emotional Post Goes Viral

Popular TV actor Ali Reza who just got evicted from season three of the “Bigg Boss” poured his heart in a social media post.

The heartbroken Bigg Boss contestant was in more shock to know that he lost his dear uncle while he was participating in the show.

Ali Reza’s uncle recently passed away but his parents didn’t pass the information to the actor to not disturb him. They wanted him to reach the final stage.

Ali got to know the demise of his uncle only after he got eliminated from the show.

Deeply disturbed by the news, he had put a post on Facebook recalling his association with his uncle and he regretted that he couldn’t attend the last rites.

He posted, “You wanted to see me succeed in life and now that i have so many people loving me and praising me ur not there to see that. I wish i could atleast see you for the last time. Mom dad could not send any information cause they knew how important Bigg boss was for me and they dint wanted this to effect my game but they dint know you were equally important for me in life .By the time I could come out of my elimination shock i got another huge shock of you being No more.There has been so much of greef at home and still everyone trying to stay happy and support me . I want nothing more in life after seeing all the love and support from all over. Mama you were the best, Your the best and will always remain the best. Ill always have the regret of not getting to see u for the last time.”

This emotional post won him more fans and his fans are also pained by the tragic turn of events.