#BiggBoss3: Himaja’s Love Chemistry With Rahul

Gossiping and backbiting are the two bad things that always happen in Bigg Boss house and Episode 60 that was aired on Wednesday night is an example of that. However, Himaja has successfully overcome that stuff, by showcasing her acting potential.

As part of the Bigg Boss college task, the participants are asked to do and talk about various stuff under the subjects gossipology and chillology. During such times, Rahul revealed to Baba Bhaskar that Himaja has intentionally not saved Mahesh by leaving out a few clothes during the nomination process. Baba didn’t believe it expressing a doubt that may be Vithika is lying.

And after all the classes, the contestants were made as couples and given ‘love chemistry’ task where they have to impress with proposals. Ravi-Sreemukhi, Mahesh-Siva Jyothy, Mahesh-Punarnavi and Rahul-Himaja did the task, of which, Rahul and Himaja’s cute proposal scene impressed the lectures, played by Vithika and Baba.

Later, Himaja and Rahul gave a dance performance for Manohara song as well, during which Himaja stunned all with her romantic and sensuous dance moves. Punarnavi is seen frying herself in jealousy though she’s clapping and whistling on the outside.

We have to see if Himaja and Rahul will contest for captaincy now and one gets immunity from elimination.