Boult Audio launches Soundbars with Woofer 2.1

Boult Audio has introduced their latest offering ‘Soundbars 2.1’ in the Home Audio category, priced at Rs.5999 + Taxes. The product is available on Flipkart here.

The 2.1-channel Soundbars features multiple connectivity options and a powerful sound output of 80 watts, so you can enjoy listening to the music present on your personal devices in much better quality.

Featuring a sleek design, the Boult Audio Soundbars help you connect devices to it via multiple connectivity modes so that you can enjoy your favorite audio content in an immersive way.

With a powerful output, slim sound bars and versatile the woofer brings every aspect of your entertainment, be it a song, show or movie to life. Drivers at each end of the sound bar deliver clear mids and highs, while the woofer fills in the rumbling lows. The 2.1 channel sound system provides a balanced sound and deep bass for your movies, music and even video games and you can experience cinematic sound that revolves around you.