Buzz: Why Ram Charan’s Look Changed?

Mega hero Ram Charan is having a gala of time as he heads to Ramoji Film City every day now to shoot for Rajamouli’s #RRR movie. And then, fans are having doubts about his varied looks as he heads to shoot there.

A couple of months back, Ram Charan and Jr NTR sported handlebar moustache that has a twirling at the end. And then they have also gone for partly shaven beard with their moustaches getting all the attention. Charan attended many events related to Sye Raa in the same look, thus popularising his Alluri Seetharama Raju look.

But now that Charan is heading to RFC, there is neither the handlebar moustache nor the clean shave, but he’s looking bit simple without any special styling to his facial hair. One wonders why Charan’s look changed, but people close to #RRR informs us that the look got changed due to variation in character and scenes.

“Charan will be seen in simple look in Delhi episodes where he goes as a simple student. Once he turns the Alluri-like patriot, his avatar will be something else. That will be understood only when you watch the film” a source commented.