Can Jagan Tame Government Doctors?

The Andhra Pradesh government is heading towards preventing the government doctors from having private practice. This proposal came up from the expert committee on health reforms submitted its report to Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy.

The committee had many recommendations from its side to make government hospitals healthy. One of them was preventing the doctors from having private practice.

The government, in turn, would give them some enhancement of salary only to compensate what they have been earning through the private practice.

Though the salary increase would be small when compared to the income that they make out of the private practice, the government wants them to give their best in the government hospital.

There is so much to be done to improve the health of the government hospitals, starting from primary health centre to the general hospital.

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy said he would improve the health of the government hospitals as health is one of his priorities, with Arogya Sri, his father’s dream project, being rolled out with some changes.

Whether he adds infrastructure and improves facilities in the government hospitals or not is an issue that can be seen over the coming months. But, the move to stop the doctors from having private practice is now being debated extensively in the State and outside as well.

The doctors in the government hospitals addicted to the private practice than the duty in the hospital.

While mere signature in the attendance register and keeping their hands on a couple of patients brings them salary, the duty performed in the private hospitals, either own or consultancy to corporate hospitals, gives them more than the monthly pay from the government hospital.

Thus, the duty in the government hospital has become insignificant when it is compared with the pay they receive as consultants for the corporate hospitals or the revenue they earn from the own clinic.

The doctors, however serious the government may be, will not work in the government hospital and will not stop the private practice. A lion will not go for vegetarian food.