Did Sushma Reject Amaravati, For Mumbai?

Union Minister Harshavardhan’s tweet sparked a huge discussion in social media about AP politics on Sunday. An hour after Telugu States Governor E S L Narasimhan called on Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi, Harshavardhan dropped a tweet congratulating the former external affairs minister on being appointed as new governor of Andhra Pradesh. The news spread like a widefire on social media, but Harshavardhan has deleted the tweet later after receiving party orders. It has led to confusion among the people and Sushma Swaraj herself has finally clarified that the news is not true.

But, it hasn’t seen the end card yet. Because, the tweet had come from a senior BJP leader and also a union minister of the country who announced it publicly. An internal discussion among political circles is that BJP planned to appoint its senior leader Sushma Swaraj as governor of AP in first place, but she seems to be uninterested to work in AP. However, she expressed her interest to work as Maharashtra governor as the state has BJP government in place. Sushma Swaraj, who decided not to contest Lok Sabha election due to health issues, has taken all the equations into consideration and shown disinterest to Andhra.

Given her health issues, Sushma has considered Mumbai over Amaravati as the new state doesn’t have best facilities, hospitals and infrastructure. But, she’s ready to stay in Mumbai as the city has access to top hospitals in the country.

So, the party leadership also has taken her reason into consideration and dropped the plan to appoint her as AP governor. If not Sushma, there will be someone else, but BJP government will certainly find a replacement for Narasimhan in AP soon.