First day of TDP Mahandu festival commemorated digitally

TDP Mahanadu is a festival for party leaders that is celebrated every year. The sessions, which usually last for three days, were also held for two days on some special occasions. Now, however, the festival of Telugu people has begun without any hindrance.

In the wake of Covid- 19 , the festival was marked with grandeur yet digitally via zoom in this year’s Telugu Desam Mahanadu.

Mahanadu, which began with the inauguration of the party’s flag, commemorated the first day with the passage of five resolutions.

At the dawn of Mahanadu, TDP leaders reminsced the untowardly incident in Visakhapatnam LG Polymers and mourned the death of the lost lives. Subsequently, two Telugu state party presidents addressed the event. Five resolutions were passed by the party yesterday night.

The resolutions included Increase in electricity tariffs, dishonesty about Jagan, Coronavirus boom, migrant workers problem, Jagan’s gross injustice to farmer’s issues. Further Chandrababu, the national president of the party, said that the Jagan reign has also corrupted in the supply of bleaching powder.

TDP chief Chandrababu alleges tremendous corruption in YCP regime. He said the government had completely failed in the control of the corona virus. He was infuriated against Ap CM Jagan’s suggestion to take paracetamol for covid-19 displays his ignorance and recklessness.

Chandrababu criticized AP for having the worst alcohol brands anywhere in the country. on the occasion of addressing TDP leaders, he made these comments. He lashed out that the state has lost basic rights and is like that of CM’s monarchy. He complained that Jagan led govt has made abrupt halt after completing 70% of Polavaram project.

Likewise many points regarding the five resolutions on the first day were addressed elaborately and discussed. The next five resolutions will be concluded later this year with the speech of party president.