Hanu-Man’s Grand Ganesh Chaturthi Poster – Teja Sajja’s Festive Avatar

Director Prasanth Varma’s highly anticipated project, “Hanu-Man,” has transitioned into the post-production phase after completing its filming stage some time ago. This film, which stars Teja Sajja in the titular role, has generated significant excitement not only in India but also in other regions, thanks to a viral teaser.

In a heartfelt gesture to mark Ganesh Chaturthi, the film’s team has unveiled a new poster. This captivating image portrays Hanu-Man joyously celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi amidst a sea of enthusiastic onlookers.

Teja Sajja, donned in traditional panchekattu attire, radiates happiness in this visually striking poster. The selection of Ganesh Chaturthi as the occasion for releasing this special poster aligns perfectly with the film’s theme. Furthermore, the makers have reconfirmed their commitment to bringing “Hanu-Man” to theaters on January 12th, 2024, during the festive season of Sankranthi.

Notably, the film will not only be released in various Indian languages but also in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, further expanding its international reach. “Hanu-Man” promises to be a cultural phenomenon, blending mythology and entertainment to captivate audiences across the globe.