Harish Rao’s wife to contest from Siddipet?

There are many rumours that TRS Siddipet MLA Harish Rao will not be inducted in the state cabinet and will contest for the Lok Sabha in the upcoming Parliament elections. However, TRS party and supporters remained silent over this issue.

Once again the future of Harish became a hot topic of discussion and this time it is KCR’s niece who is responsible for these rumours. Ramya Rao is TPCC official spokesperson and in a WhatsApp group by name ‘Thaja Telangana,’ she posted that Harish will resign to his MLA post and his wife Sreenitha will contest on his behalf from Siddipet.

As the WhatsApp group has Congress leaders as members, they started debating over it. If Harish resigns, only after the Lok Sabha poll, the by-election for Siddipet can be held and it would take about four months from now.

KCR’s plans for playing a pivotal role in New Delhi, seems to be going smooth. Whatever it is there is no room for third person from TRS to contest from Siddipet.