He Gets Nil Support From Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda will always be in the news for strange reasons. There is always a lot of buzz around him as he is the fastest rising superstar among the younger crop of actors.

Vijay’s straightforwardness and the way he interacts with fans in public events earned him the ‘Rowdy’ image.

Vijay is one of the very few actors who went onto become big star in the film industry without any filmy background.

He is the one that many young and upcoming actors look up to in this industry filled with nepotism.

Being a symbol for self-made star, Vijay is not willing to promote his younger brother Anand Deverakonda.

He is least bothered about the career choices of Anand. He is not even tweeting about his debut film Dorasani, let alone promoting it on stage.

Makers of Dorasani might have hoped to get good support from Vijay Deverakonda on social platforms, but the Arjun Reddy actor is different from the rest.

He is not even bothered about the criticism that he has been receiving for being so cold-hearted about his brother’s debut.