High Court orders independent probe, another blow to AP government

A huge mob attack took place at Old Guntur Police station in 2018, that caused quite the scene in Andhra Pradesh, and made it to the headlines for a few days. Stones were pelted at the police station, windows and doors were broken by the mob as well. This was done after the Police refused to take action against a man who was accused of molestation.

The Jagan government had issued GO 776 this year, which stated the withdrawal of prosecution into this case. The High Court has now issued interim orders objecting to the GO 776, and has greatly criticised the government for issuing such orders. The HC has also told the Police department to conduct an independent probe into the matter, and to get to the bottom of things.

A Public Interest Litigation petition was filed by the Legal Rights Protection Forum, following which the High Court had reviewed the issue, and passed the interim orders, objecting GO 776. The HC has also said that by withdrawing the prosecution into an attack on the Police station itself would undermine the seriousness of the situation, paving way for more such incidents in the future.

The HC also found fault with the language used in the GO – which is very rare – as the GO used the phrase ‘muslim youth’ to describe the mob attack, and those who took part in it. Pertaining to the use of such language, and the case as a whole, the HC has also asked the AP government to file a counter petition. The next hearing of the case has been scheduled for October 1st.

This order comes as yet another blow to the Andhra Pradesh government. The High Court and the government of Andhra Pradesh have been going head to head with every issue, not agreeing on a single thing, on the same terms.