‘I did not commit a crime by making Saaho’

The overhyped Saaho, soon after its grand release on 29th of August 2019, was labelled as one of the bad films ever made. In spite of a big-budget film, viewers ridiculed its efforts and director’s work behind the output. On this Director, Sujeeth says he cannot comprehend why the audience has targeted him for the critical failure of Saaho.

‘I made the film that Prabhas sir, my producers, and I believed in. Though there were a vast number of audiences who came to watch the film, I am still a victim here. I did not commit a crime to treat me rudely’, said Sujeeth. With a whopping Rs 350 crore budget, the film made around Rs 400 crore at the box office. The young filmmaker further quoted, ‘All these latest news and reports on me made me blank. My last interview was one day post the release of Saaho. Even my ‘no comments’ statement turned into a controversial interview.’

He also clarified that his statement on Bihar fans wanting to build a temple for him is a rumour. ‘I never passed such a statement. Please show me where I’ve said this. Someone who has nothing to do with the film must have made this statement on YouTube. I am in my senses and such statements sound ridiculous. Temples are built for Rajinikanth sir and Mammootty sir. I don’t deserve such honour and I can only be a devotee at the temple of great actors and great cinema’.

Some films are legitimately poorly executed and criticised, but there is a limit. Saaho has indeed diminished the perspective of the message that they think the movie conveys. After criticizing the quality of the film, confronting the director is wrong on many levels. Sujeeth said that he stopped coming out for all this negativity poured on him.