I will be attacked very soon: Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju

It has become commonplace for YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju to criticise and callout the people of his party, and the ways in which they operate. The MP has been staying in Delhi for quite a while now, following death threats from members of his own party and constituency.

Addressing the media today, RRR said that a huge attack has been planned by the YSRCP against him, wherein certain heads of the party have involved people belonging to the Dalit community to attack RRR’s office. RRR has also said that the party members are trying to make RRR contract coronavirus, with which he would be as far away from matters of the party, as possible.

RRR also said that several people are attacking the Hindu religion indirectly, by maintaining fake certificates of being a Hindu. He even said that several people who have changed their faith from Hinduism to Christianity are also still legally Hindus, who are enjoying the benefits of reservation. RRR also said that several Pastors are themselves still officially Hindus, while they continue to preach the Bible.

RRR has requested the people of the state to beware of what the government is doing, and especially hinted at the funds that the YSRCP party is trying to procure. It was announced a while ago that an anonymous foreign company had come forward to lend money to the party. RRR hinted at this, and said that this was all a part of a big scam, where the government is planning mass conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

Commenting on the way the Police department has been behaving, RRR said that several Policemen are not even properly aware of the sections in the law. RRR also said that the Police department is clearly trying to appease one particular religion, while it is constantly offending another. RRR also said that very soon a group of people will be surrendering to the Police, claiming to have been responsible for the attacks against Hindu temples, while naming several TDP politicians.

Furthermore, RRR has also said that he has no plans to establish his own party right now, and that he would be continuing as a member of the YSRCP. However, he has asked Jagan to stop acting in front of the people, and asked him to show his real colours to the people. RRR even said that the people are smart enough to know whom to trust, and this would be made very clear in the next elections.