Is Saaho Budget A Magic Or There Is Logic?

Coming from the horse mouth itself, Saaho budget seems to be quite enormous as Prabhas other day revealed that his friends have spent nearly 350 crores over this movie. And that puts us in a confusion, as the number sounds like magic rather there is some logic to put that much of money.

While Prabhas has Baahubali on his side, which made 100s of crores quite easily, but that film has Rajamouli as the main pillar while all these actors are just supportive structures. Looking at the way Rajamouli’s film collected from the box office, one wonders why Saaho makers have invested so much into the movie. If that is one question, the other one is here.

Investing 350 crores is something that sounds illogical as many felt that they might have kept around 200 crores, a budget that the likes of Baahubali and Tiger Zinda Hai are made upon. By all means, as per the Indian movie trade formulae, the film’s budget has overshot by 150 crores already.

With superior action films like Fast and the Furious failing to click sometimes, one wonders what made Saaho makers so confident to invest hugely into their movie. August 30th has the answer.