Jodi Movie Review

Cast: Aadi, Shraddha Srinath, Naresh, Sijju, Pradeep, Satya, Vennela Kishore and Others
Directed by: Viswanth Arigela
Produced by: Sai Venkatesh Gurram, Patchva
Music by: Phani Kalyan
Release Date: 2019-09-06
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Jodi Movie Review

Aadi’s latest film Jodi has Jersey fame Shraddha Srinath as the female lead. It is a romance family drama that deals with the concept of gambling.

What is it about?

Kapil (Aadi) is a hardworking software employee whose father (Naresh) is a gambling addict. Kapil falls in love with Kanchana (Shraddha), but his father’s addiction comes as a hurdle for his love.


The performances in this movie are pretty basic as there is no depth to any of the characters. Aadi looks good and is in his elements in spite of flexing his muscles in a couple of unnecessary fights. Shraddha Srinath is wasted in a typical Telugu Cinema heroine character. The story revolves around Naresh’s character, but it is poorly etched that the veteran couldn’t make it stand out. Sijju is okay. So is Sitara. Senior actor Gollapudi Maruthi Rao gets a meaty character that is annoying at times. Satya and Vennela Kishore couldn’t make this insipid humor work.


Director Viswanth’s packed in various elements like love, revenge, message, comedy in to this film. But his script turned out messy with none of the above elements holding the interest of audience. Direction is very poor that even seasoned actors seemed helpless throughout the film.

There are far too many songs that are neither impressive on ears nor pleasing to eye. A couple of songs could have been edited out and no one would have felt the void. Cinematography is fine though. The film has vibrant visuals with decent production values. Dialogues are poor. Too much emphasis on ‘praasa’ will make us cringe many a time.

Thumbs Up:

Shraddha Srinath

Thumbs Down:

Weak Plot

Boring Screenplay

Unnecessary songs

Intolerable second half


Jodi is one of the most pointless films of the year. One would wonder what is the need of making this film in the first place. It neither has a novel plot nor engaging drama to hold the interest of audience. The love story is pretty basic with the heroine falling for the hero for no reason. Hero falls for her because she doesn’t use a smart phone and gives ten rupees to each beggar sitting outside the temple. And there is another thing that she does… she teaches French at the University of foreign languages. Let’s not get into the details of what she teaches in each class.

Hero joins her college to get her attention and he gets it without putting in any efforts. The gambling addiction scenes of hero’s father are randomly thrown here and there preparing us for the impending conflict that would put this Jodi in trouble. Hero’s father turns out to be the reason for the death of heroine’s father. Now her uncle (Sijju) is totally against this love and the hero has one solution for any problem. He joins the same office where Sijju works to get his attention.

As if the gambling addiction and the conflict between the families isn’t enough there is a random villain who likes to run over pedestrians and road side shops when in hurry. He makes a comeback towards the climax after a couple of random scenes in the first half. This thread is not at all necessary as it adds nothing to the drama or the plot. The expressionless face of the villain only worsen the things further. Aadi must blame himself for doing such films that spells disaster right from the word go.

We have to give it to the director for getting some talented actors on board for this film with zero script and also for making the producers invest so much money into it. Jodi is a film that could be skipped even when it is streaming online for free.

Verdict: Disastrous Jodi!

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