KCR shows some guts and Jagan towards surrender ?

The comparision between Jagan Mohan Reddy and KCR on various issues is always going on. During the covid pandemic KCR got good points in deal with crisis than Jagan .

Now there are few other issues where Jagan looks like surrendering himself to central government while KCR is showing his guts and bravery.

Central government under BJP rule is clearly forcing states regarding new electricity law. KCR all set to fight against centre by say no to it and also started a legal fight over the same.

KCR is afraid that local state governments will be weakened financially if this law comes into implementation. A strong and stubborn letter that KCR wrote to Modi sir-car is now talk of the town. He mentioned there will be heavy issues to state governments to tackle these kind of problems.

There are many states with BJP rule and they stood silent on this topic. Anna DMK from Tamilnadu is also being against to this law. Now KCR is taking this as a movement against central government to unite other states as well.

KCR’s idea of federal front too comes into arena during this discussion. But on the other hand Jagan reddy is very silent and not even questioning about these things, which is drawing huge criticism