‘Majili’ Completes 100 Days In One Theatre

At a time when Samantha is enjoying her ‘Oh Baby’ success big time, here comes an icing on the cake. She will be over joyous now with her previous super hit celebrating 100th day today. And still, the film has a theatre run.

Apparently, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya scored a big hit of their careers with ‘Majili’, as director Siva Nirvana’s subtle story with interesting screenplay and funny scenes worked out well at the box office. Released on April 5th, the film completes its 100th day run today. Luckily the film managed to pull of this feat in a single theatre as Rajaratna theatre in Mandapeta is screening the film without any interruption since its release.

These are many films that used to celebrate a century and double century run at the box office in the earlier days, but now, if a film runs well for 4 weeks, the topic is over. Also for the number of theatres, they are pushing a film into the maximum number of screens such that huge budgets will be recovered in a few weeks. So that there is no need for a film to run for 100 days. And then, as many films are hitting cinemas every week it will be tough to find theatres for 100 days.

So, Majili’s celebration even in a single theatre is worth talking about, isn’t it?