Mokshagnya Busy With Full-Length Preparation For Launch In 2024!

When will Nandamuri Balakrishna’s son Mokshagnya make his silver screen debut? This is the question that has been bugging the fans since a long time. Ever since they saw him as a youngster during the time of ‘Srimannarayana’, fans were impressed by his looks and they wanted to see him as a hero straightaway. But it has been years since this happened and Mokshagnya is yet to enter the cinemas.

Recently, there are rumors that the Nandamuri heir is all set to make his Tollywood debut and the search for the director to launch is currently going on. Will it be a young director or a senior director or Balayya himself? Only time will tell. There were reports of Boyapati launching him as he is very close to Balakrishna as they delivered hattrick hits like ‘Simha’, ‘Legend’ and ‘Akhanda’.

While the situation regarding the director is not clear as of now, insiders say that Mokshagnya is busy with full-length preparations for his launch in Tollywood. Bellamkonda Ganesh who shared a good relationship with Nandamuri family has revealed that Mokshagnya will be giving his entry in 2024. He added that Mokshagnya has a very good ease in dancing and added that he can emote with his eyebrows when mouthing dialogues.

These updates from Bellamkonda Ganesh are exciting the fans of Nandamuri family as they can’t wait to witness the youngster on the big screen. Let us wait and see what happens.