Nagababu Opens Up About Niharika’s Marriage

Ever since Mega brother Nagababu’s daughter Niharika Konidela had made her acting debut a few years ago, there have been occasional speculations about her marriage. At one point, there were rumours that Niharika will marry her cousin and hero Sai Dharam Tej. However, it was later revealed that Mega family had no such plans to get Sai and Niharika married. Later, Niharika was linked with another hero and even those rumours ended up biting the dust.

Now, Nagababu himself has opened up about Niharika’s marriage. In a latest interview with a noted YouTube channel, Nagababu said that he has begun finding the right alliance for his daughter. He also said that he will be happy if his prospective son-in-law hails from the Kapu community and that he will be more than happy to get his daughter married outside his caste as well.

Nagababu further revealed that when Niharika expressed her desire to act in movies, there was a huge discussion in his family about whether to let his daughter step into the film industry or not. “I gave my permission only because Niharika insisted a lot about her acting dreams. But I also told her that I will get her married after 3 years of her acting career. I had even suggested her to act in web series if not movies after marriage. Niharika agreed to my suggestion and then stepped into Tollywood. I did not pressurise her about marriage until 2018, but now, I will get her married soon,” said Nagababu.

Nagababu also said that his prospective son-in-law must be a good-hearted person from a decent family. He said that he does not have any caste feelings and that he equally respects his Kapu community and all other communities. “I am not particular about the caste of my would be son-in-law. “If I find the right man in our caste, it’ll be great. If not, I will search for the right person in other castes,” Nagababu said.