Nara Lokesh: Jagan’s bad days are fast approaching

Telugu Desam Party National General Secretary Nara Lokesh fired at Chief Minister Jagan recently, when he spoke to the media. He questioned the need to install meters to farming lands, and why this had to be done in order to get over a debt of Rs. 4,000 Crores.

Lokesh even warned that these meters would be removed and taken around on cycles, in case they were installed. Lokesh even advised Jagan to mortgage the latter’s palace in Chennai, and pay for this debt, in case he didn’t have enough money. Lokesh also called back to the time when Jagan said he would shave his mustache in case the Polavaram project was completed by 70%.

Lokesh also said that 750 farmers committed suicide in the last one year, after Jagan became the CM, and asked if this was the YSRCP’s idea of a farmer-friendly government. Lokesh demanded the government to pay back Rs. 25,000 per acre to the farmers, as compensation; Rs. 5 Lakhs per acre for the losses incurred in the aqua sector; some sort of compensation to all those who lost their crops, and Rs. 5,000 as compensation to all the families who have had to incur great losses.

Furthermore, Lokesh even said that Jagan’s bad days are fast approaching, keeping in mind how he is neglecting the welfare of the state, and is even questioning those who are trying to do some good to the state. Lokesh even said that Jagan will go down in history as the only Chief Minister who accused farmers of getting into caste politics.