New Villains Find It Tough With Nani

How much acting is essential for a villain other than flaunting a gym body and a huge cutout? If the hero is someone who could enact any emotion with ease, then the antagonist has to do a great job to outshine him.

Today, a similar thing has happened with the young hero, RX100 fame Karthikeya Reddy turning a villain in Nani’s Gang Leader. While he managed to pull off impressively in scenes where Nani is there, though he shined with the same expression although, in the confrontation scenes he has struggled to pop out.

With Nani giving stupendous lines and clinical performance, Karthikeya got blacked out completely as his blank expressions didn’t help the scene work out. And that also proved that Karthikeya can’t act better, which brings us to the core point that he needs to improvise his acting drastically.