No Advances For Rajamouli These Days!

Anyone who watches his films can say that Rajamouli is a great director. But there is one thing where he is better than many directors in Telugu. He fulfills his promises at any cost. He might have taken advances from producers when he was a regular director but he is making movies with them even after turning into the biggest director in India.

Many filmmakers try to leave those commitments by returning back the advances with interest. But Rajamouli doesn’t belong to this category. He made a movie with DVV Danayya as the producer gave advance to him long back. The ‘Baahubali’ director did not make a small film with him but made ‘RRR’ which turned out to be a sensation. The movie broke records and is achieving awards on the international stage. Danayya ended up in huge profits. He is now honoring the word that he gave to KL Narayana by making his movie with Mahesh Babu under the senior producer’s banner.

Now, Rajamouli doesn’t have any advances left. Sources say that he will be producing his own films from now. Apparently, he will make one film under his good friend Sai Korrapati’s ‘Vaarahi Chalana Chitram’ banner. As we know, Sai Korrapati and Rajamouli’s friendship goes long back and they supported each other through all these years. Reports suggest that Rajamouli is planning to give huge profits to his good friend.

After that, he will be making movies in his own banner or the banners of his close ones. Already, the music composer, writers, production managers, line producers, sound engineers, second unit directors, costume designers and everyone come from his own family. He also has his set of crew like Sethil Kumar, Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao, Sabu Cyril and others who are regulars in his movies. It looks like Rajamouli and family are going to fund their own movies from now on.