No use with Telangana, except changing AP boards!

The voices of dissent are increasing in ruling TRS day after day.TRS leaders are themselves admitting openly in the public that nothing changed in Telangana State after bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh except changing name boards from AP to TS.

If yesterday, it was health minister Etela Rajender, who openly raised a banner of revolt saying that those who are no way associated with Telangana statehood agitation and joined TRS from other parties after formation of Telangana state are reaping the benefits in the new state, today it is the turn of another TRS MLA Rasamayi Balakishan, who played a key role in spreading Telangana sentiment across all sections with his ‘dhoom dhaam’ programmes.

Rasamayi Balakishna said he felt very sad looking at the bad condition of government schools in Telangana even after formation of new state.

“I recently visited my school in Siddipet where I worked as teacher in 1990s. The condition of this school was pathetic in Undivided AP. Now after formation of Telangana five years ago, I visited the school recently. Nothing has changed. In fact, the condtion has further worsened. The only change I noticed was school name board on which the AP name was changed to Telangana.,” he remarked in a meeting held to celebrate Teachers Day.

Rasamayi questioned, “We dreamt of several things that we could achieve if Telangana state is formed during agitation,. But nothing changed. I speak only truth. I am not a kind of a person who speaks opposite to what my conscience says or feels. Same is the situation with Etela. Because we both have come from Telangana statehood agitation and not like others who came from other parties.”

Rasamayi made these shocking comments in the presence of Etela Rajender.

Though Etela warned him on the dais itself to speak ‘carefully’, Rasamayi ignored saying that nothing will happen as he was speaking only truth.

This incident proved how genuine Telangana fighters are upset at the functioning of TRS government and CM KCR and how Telangana state failed to serve the deserve purpose for which several people and students sacrificed their lives and fought for six decades.