Non Bailable Warrant Against KA Paul

A Non Bailable Warrant (NBW) has been issued against famous evangelist and founder of Praja Shanti Party KA Paul. The warrant has been issued by Mahabubnagar district court in connection with the brutal murder of KA Paul’s brother David Raju. It is well known that KA Paul is one of the accused in David’s murder. While the case is under trail, KA Paul’s absence to the court has led to the issual of the NBW against Paul. KA Paul and his party Praja Shanti Party have not yet commented on the issue. More details are yet to be known.

KA Paul’s Praja Shanti Party had fielded its candidates in all 175 Assembly constituencies and 25 Lok Sabha constituencies. In all the seats, all the candidates lost the deposits including KA Paul himself lost in both Bhimavaram Assembly constituency and Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency. Paul’s bizarre acts, behaviour in front of TV cameras became viral. His political opponents had termed him as a “comedy piece” and never considered him as a serious contender. And the election results were against Paul and his party. Paul alleged suspicion on the results. He also blamed the similarity of the symbols between PSP and YCP i.e Helicopter and Fan respectively.

It can also be noted that in at least, 35 Assembly constituencies and four MP constituencies, the names of the Praja Shanti Party candidates are very similar to those of the YSRCP candidates. After the poll drubbing, Paul alleged that the votes of PSP have been counted for YCP. All his statements in public forum have become laughing stock and were highly criticized by his political opponents.

One has to wait and see, whether Paul would also link this fresh NBW against him to any political ramification in Telangana and AP.