None Believing Poonam Pandey’s Pulihora Talk

‘I will render myself clothless if India wins world cup’ is what spicy social media siren Poonam Pandey said back then in 2011, and has shot to fame. And now in 2019, she’s saying that every time India wins a match, she will be shedding all the clothes to cheer up team India.

In simple words, this is a ‘pulihora talk’ to attract netizens and improve her fanbase, but nothing such really excites anyone. Firstly, the very bait that someone will go nude if India wins is neither sexy nor sensible. And secondly, Poonam’s promised show will not win any attention because she has already done such shows.

In the name of Friday masala and Saturday nights, already Poonam showcased herself in topless on her ‘app’ many times. Also, she hasn’t even covered her bosom with hands and those uncensored videos are everywhere on the net right now.

With such videos already existing, who will get excited about Poonam’s offers? Practically, none!!