‘Not interested in having children’

It is every woman’s dream to embrace motherhood and have a child of her own at some point in her life. But popular and sexiest actress Mallika Sherawat thinks differently. Her frankness and straightforwardness made her reveal something unusual that a woman would never say openly.

Well, Mallika has a unique way of thought processing. She says she doesn’t want to have kids of her own and it is a big responsibility that is she not willing to take. She often posts videos with her adorable nephew Ransher Lamba who is her brother Vikram Lamba’s son.

During a recent interview, the actress was asked about when will she become a mother. She replied that she is not ready to take such responsibility. “I don’t have a child of my own, so Ransher is like my baby. I play, cuddle, and travel with him and enjoy the best moments with him and then give him back to his parents. No nappy changing duties for me.”

She further said that she is scared of having the responsibility of a kid. “Thinking of a child all the time is not my cup of tea. I can’t take that much stress. I will go crazy thinking about which school and all of that. I am happy the way I am.” Earlier, Mallika dated French businessman Cyrille Auxenfans but parted ways now. She is single and said, “I am single but I would absolutely want to be in love. Romance is great and it is inspiring “.