Overseas: Nani’s Gang Leader Doing Good

Hero Nani enjoys good patronage in overseas circuits as his films always have that clean comedy and good content that could be a nice watch on the weekends with family. For that reason, his “Gang Leader” is also expected to take off fantastically but the average reviews generated some doubts.

Including premieres, Nani’s “Gang Leader” has collected $349153 from 179 locations with few locations yet to report on its Day 1 in the USA. That is a huge number for sure as $350K is not a small number considering the no-holiday release.

Until Sye Raa arrives, there are no big films that could actually disrupt Gang leader’s run at the USA box office as Valmiki appears to be a typical mass film that doesn’t cater to the overseas audiences. Using all that advantage, the film might cross the 1 million mark, while $1.5 million mark is required for the breakeven. The film was sold for 6 crores to the overseas market.