Pawan Kalyan should not tolerate these at all

At present, Janasena party is in a limping state, to be frank and they are planning to get set in the state politics carefully. In order to get their mileage increased in the state, the Chief, Pawan Kalyan is unearthing the people’s issues one after another thereby increasing the pressure on the YSRCP government.

In the meanwhile, it is his prime responsibility to make his cadre believe that the party’s future is in safe hands. In this process he is facing some jolts at the crucial junctures. This all about, Mega Brother Nagababu’s tweet on Nathu Ram Godsey’s birth anniversary, the one who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

Though Nagababu mentioned it as a debatable issue, he praised Godsey that he had his own reasons to kill Gandhi and stated that he is an inspirational character. On the other side, Pawan Kalyan is a firm believer in Gandhi’s ideologies and no known party in this country dares to contradict Gandhi’s actions.

In a country like India, Nagababu supporting the one who killed the person who is being regarded as ‘the father of the Nation’ maybe his personal opinion but it discredits the reputation of the party. Of course, Nagababu explained his intent on the same platform stating that he didn’t disrespect Gandhi, but the damage has already been done.

So, if Pawan Kalyan wants to survive long enough in politics he should adopt a zero-tolerance policy on issues like these.