Ram Charan – Why Only Now?

Ram Charan has in the past tasted several duds, disasters. Of all his flops, Zanjeer, Bruce Lee, and Orange stood out as worst. Joining the bandwagon is his last offing Vinaya Vidheya Rama. While Charan had been tight lipped during his previous disasters, he has now shot off a letter to his fans. Charan has admitted of delivering a bad film and reasoned that the vision hasn’t been translated onto the screen properly. In a way, Charan took a jibe at Boyapati.

This has now become talking point in industry circuits and directors circles. While Charan hadn’t uttered a word during Bruce Lee – produced by same DVV Danayya, his letter to fans on VVR is raising several eye balls.

No doubt, Charan has set a new and good precedent which makes actors, directors, producers more responsible towards their work (films), but the moot question is why only now, Charan. Is it just because VVR bombed after Rangasthalam’s blockbuster success? Or just to get more closer to fans, media?