Redmi Note 8 confirmed directly by Redmi’s General Manager

Chinese social media sites like Weibo have been the source for many leaks on upcoming smartphones and devices. Now, a few fans of the Redmi Note series went up and asked Lu Weibing, the brand’s General Manager, if the Note 8 is in the making, and when they could expect one.

Surprisingly enough, Weibing replied to their queries, but stayed slyly vague in his responses

Here’s the little conversation-

The manager confirmed that the smartphone is coming soon and translating his replies on Google translate we got to know that the Redmi Note 8 will be “stronger than the next door”.

While we don’t know what that exactly means, we are sure the upcoming Note 8 will be a beast on its own, falling in line with the great value for money specs that the Redmi Note series devices have given us over the years.