Renu gives clarity in Akira’s social media accounts

Pawan Kalyan confining himself to full time politics has left a void among Powerstar fans. They still have a ray of hope that Pawan would certainly return to films and entertain them. But this may take some time and so Powerstar fans have found an alternative. It is none other than Pawan’s son Akira. He has emerged as a social media star. Recently Facebook and Twitter handles were opened on Akira’s names and followers are pouring down for these accounts.

How far Akira’s social media entry is true and hear it from mom, Renu Desai because she is the one who constantly posts pictures of Akira and Aadya and shares about their interests and other stuff.

“Akira is in his teens and is growing. I know that Pawan Kalyan fans wants Akira to continue Pawan’s legacy but it’s too early for Akira to enter the glamour world. Daily I receive many messages from fans asking about Akira’s entry into films but it will have it’s own time,” said Renu Desai.

About the social media handles of Akira, she said, those are fake accounts. “Akira doesn’t have social media accounts. Whatever the fans are seeing are fake ones. The Facebook account which has over two lakh followers is completely bogus,” added Renu.

When Pawan Kalyan was hit by sun stroke during election campaign, this Facebook account made emotional posts about Pawan. They went viral and many have opined that this is authentic Akira’s Facebook account.

With Renu clarifying the air surrounding Akira’s social media entry, the issue is now settled.