RGV Clears All His Debts?

The reason many insiders cited with Ram Gopal Varma started his new “Factory” in Mumbai and making back to back films, albeit flops and spineless movies, is that he has crores of debts to be taken care of. During the times when he made Rakta Charitra movie, it was rumoured that he has almost 40 crores debt.

From movies like Vangaveeti to Lakshmi’s NTR, most of Varma’s films are produced by some relative newcomers and all those producers are said to have given a superior package to the director. By saving big numbers in those films, RGV is said to be clearing his debuts. And now that he is coming up with Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu, here is a big rumour.

Apparently the film is made in association with a political party with an intention to smear paint on opposition parties. Also, the film’s story itself is like a hate campaign being done to irk every living politician. For doing such acts quite interestingly and daringly, the leading politicians from that party are said to have not only funded the project but also helped Varma clear most of his debts.

Recently Varma constructed a posh office in Hyderabad as well, and we hear that one of the politician from that party has given funds to do it. Well, we have to see if Varma will open up on these things.