RRR: AP public is never going to vote for YSRCP again

YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju continues to make scathing remarks against his own party, despite the fact that the party is trying its best to disown him as much as possible, in all aspects.

Talking about the latest rule that the AP government has imposed, banning all alcohol from other states into AP, RRR said that good quality alcohol is not being sold in the state anymore, and every brand of alcohol and liquor is a highly flawed, and lower grade one. He even said that this poor quality alcohol is just helping in the minting of money from the people, and is harmful to the people.

RRR took the example of the state of Bihar, whose government banned alcohol in the state, following the lockdown. RRR said that this ban not only did not help reducing the number of alcohol consumers, but in turn increased the flow of alcohol into the state, through illegal and other means. RRR even added that the ban only caused the people of the state to detest the government, including women, and has driven them to the point where none of the want to vote the current government to power again.

RRR said that the people of AP would also feel the same about the YSRCP if the government continued to introduce rules like this. RRR pointed out that such rules would only want to make the AP public wanting to never vote the YSRCP to power ever again.

On the other hand, RRR said that the AP government should put into effect the 10% reservation to all those economically backward people belonging to upper castes, as per the government of India’s GO.