Rs 50 cr could not make Naidu’s ‘Delhi Deeksha’, a success?

The one-day deeksha in Delhi by TDP president and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday demanding Centre to grant special status for AP turned out to be an utter flop.

Though Naidu flowed public money like water to make deeksha a success, it did not help with no response from general public.

The deeksha turned out to be a purely TDP programme with the presence of TDP ministers, MPs, MLAs and MLCs.

While TDP government released Rs 10 crore public money for Naidu’s deeksha, another Rs 40 crore was spent on other expenses.

Flight tickets were given for free to and fro to leaders of various employees and students organisations.

AC rooms in costly hotels in Delhi were booked for TDP ministers, MLAs, MPs and MLCs besides leaders of various employees and students organisations.

Rooms were booked for stay in Delhi for two days to enable them to take part in deeksha on first day and enjoy in hotels and site visits in Delhi on second day.

The flight and hotel accommodation for such a large number of people itself is said to have costed Rs 20 crore.

For food, liquor parties and other refreshments, another Rs 10 crore is being spent.

Another Rs 20 crore was spent for publicity in Delhi by erecting huge hoardings and for media advertisements,

After spluring Rs 50 crore public money, the end result was nothing as there was no response from general public.

Naidu could have attracted national attention through media managements by spending crores towards advertisements but deeksha failed to achieve desired result with poor response from general public.