Rumour: Short Films Actress On Verge Of Divorce

The advent of YouTube had made many starlets in the short film arena and some of them are social media influencers too as they enjoy huge following on Instagram and Twitter as well. Here is one such short film actress who has hidden the fact that she’s married long back to her colleague.

Though this actress is not that great when it comes to acting prowess, her beautiful looks made many youths run after her. Even Tollywood has also given her many chances but she failed to prove herself every time. And she’s now trying her luck as a glamour diva in some upcoming films.

As she slipped into this notion of turning into a glamour star, reportedly her lover cum husband is said to have got upset with the decision. With the boy’s family having objections about her glam looks, he wants her to cut it down. Unable to do that, the actress is said to have decided to cut her husband.

Though well-wishers and friends are trying to meditate on this, the actress is ready to be back with him only if he agrees to let her unleash glamour treat on the silver screen. Else, the divorce is inevitable, a source revealed.