Saree Is Okay Kangana, What About Bag & Chappals?

When it comes to praising her sister, there is none on this earth who could blow the trumpet bigger than Rangoli for her star sister Kangana Ranaut. Other day she tweeted a picture of Kangana, where the hottie is wearing a nude coloured saree which costs Rs 600, and Rangoli boasted about it a lot.

“On her way to Jaipur today Kangana is wearing Rs 600 sari she picked from Kolkata, she was shocked to know one can get such good organic cotton in this amount and it is heart breaking to see how hard our people work and how little they earn. Please support our own before international brands take away this also from them #Indianweavers”, is what Rangoli Chandel tweeted, on behalf of her star sister.

Netizens are however quick to point out that before advising others, why Kangana herself doesnt follow it rather preaching. “Saree is fine, but about that coat, bag and chappals?”. Actually, Kangana is carrying a Rs 3 lakh worth Prada bag and wearing a Rs 2.5 lakh Givenchy brand trench coat. Well, a six hundred rupees saree got a luxury company, isn’t it?