Soon TDP will merge with BJP : JC

JC brothers are care of controversy in Andhra Pradesh politics and the younger JC has once again made similar comments. “Very soon, we will reunite with BJP and in fact TDP will merge itself with the saffron party,” said Tadipatri ex-MLA Prabhakar Reddy speaking to a private channel.

“This is not something new as we have worked with them in the last five years. This time we will tie knot with BJP and will completely dissolve TDP,” said Prabhakar Reddy and these statements have created a storm in the cycle party.

Quoting the decades old saying, “There are no permanent enemies and friends in politics,” JC added that PM Narendra Modi needs suggestions from senior politician like Chandrababu Naidu. Surprisingly JC’s comments came hours after Naidu visited Tadipatri constituency. There are also wide spread rumours in Anantapur district that JC brothers looking at BJP.

As per the rumours we also hear that JC has recently met his supporters and informed them about the offer he received from the BJP high command. “BJP needs Chandrababu’s experience in Andhra. Chandrababu is not just a veteran politician but an economist and his suggestions are very valuable,” is what JC told his men.