Star Hero Vs Ex-Wife: What’s The Truth?

An ex-wife of a popular Telugu hero has other day made some startling revelations about the ‘alimony’ thing that happened between them. With many saying that the ex-wife is actually getting more financial benefits from her former husband, she clarified that not even a single penny of alimony is taken from him, forget about gifts.

However, people in the know have revealed how the popular star has sold out a couple of buildings located on a hill in Jubilee Hills for around 50 crores back in 2011, to make sure that her alimony is settled. At that time, he’s said to have deposited the money in the name of his kids, and appointed his ex-wife as guardian for the same.

Also, there are reports that the popular star has even bought a couple of shopping complexes located in Bangalore on the names of two kids. With the world being pretty small, there are many witnesses for these property deals, and many wonder why the ex-wife is now claiming that she didn’t take alimony.

Maybe, a father giving money to his kids will not be coming under alimony for her. Anyway, only God and the former couple knows the real truths.